PC1800 CarCharger ArcStation

PC1800 CarCharger ArcStation

● Fast Charge an iPhone: Charge an iPhone 12 at it's maximum charging speeds of 18W with our 30W ports. Charge your iPhone 12 from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes! (Requires a USB C to Lightning Cable)

● LED Indicator: Easily plug cables in low light settings thanks to our 360° LED ring.

● Dual Ports: Utilize the Power Delivery 3.0 USB C port and Quick Charge compatible USB A port to charge two devices at the same time! (If both ports are in use each port will output 12W)

● IntelligentSafety: PowerArc considers safety as a top priority. IntelligentSafety is a 15-point safety standard to protect you and your devices from harm

● Quick Charge Compatible: Charge up to 18W with a Quick Charge enabled device while using the USB A port. Charge the device from 0% - 50% in 30 minutes

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